Franco Purini


Born at Isola del Liri in 1941, Franco Purini is an architect. He was a learner of Maurizio Sacripanti and Ludovico Quaroni. From 1966 he has a Studio in Rome with Laura Thermes. He is Professor Emeritus in Architectural and Urban Composition at Unversity La Sapienza of Rome. He also taught at IUAV of Venezia. He is a member of Accademia  delle Arti del Disegno di Firenze e dell’Accademia Nazionale di San Luca. In 2013 è was awarded from the Presidency od Republic with the Diploma of Gold Medal of Meritorious of School, Culture and Art. One of his recent work is the Tower Eurosky in Rome. Among his last publications, there is La misura italiana dell’architettura, Editori Laterza, Roma – Bari, 2008. In 2016 he has awarded the Gold Medal fo the Career at Triennale di Milano.